Sami restaurant and cultural education venue

Meeting Mikkel and Solveig from Kautokeino is an unforgettable experience. They love to share their stories about life as reindeer herders and the Sami culture. "Joik", the tradition Sami chant, is always an important part of this special cultural experience. Of course they serve traditional Sami delicacies, like reindeer meat and cloud berries. There is a wide selection of dishes to choose from: for example a selection of food samples or a whole 3-course menu.

Please note that Mikkelgammen has to be booked in advance. It is not open on a daily basis. This experience is available to groups only.


Turistveien 80, 9600 Hammerefest


+47 78 41 21 85

Reservations only. Only groups with at least 10 persons.