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Seiland is an island right outside of Hammerfest with mostly untouched nature and a rich history. There are found traces of humans living on the island all the way back to 7000 years ago. In addition the island has a lot of thrilling history from the second world war.

The island is split between south and northern Seiland. The northern part has boat connections to Hammerfest while the southern part has boat connections to Alta. There are about 120 inhabitants on the northern side, and 20 inhabitants on the south side. Several of the inhabitans are of Sapmi origin.

In Hønsebybotn there is a local colonial store with a gas pump. Here you also find accommodation by the sea and boats for rent. There are several options for guided trips. You can also visit a local farm and experience sapmi culture on the island. Check out our booking site for more information.

Seiland National Park
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Seiland national park stretches over half of the island with an area of 316 km2. The park contains the 2 most northern glaciers on Europes mainland. The whole park is unavaliable for vehicles and everything is raw untouched nature. This makes it northern Europe most unavaliable national park. There are no marked paths or open cabins here, and due to low human traffic there is also a wide range of animal and plant life.

Read more about the national park on their website -

Getting to Seiland

With car or buss
It takes about 15 minutes to drive from the center of Hammerfest to Strømsnes Ferjekai where the ferry to seiland goes from. The boat trips takes about 15 minutes.
You can find times for the bus and boat on - fill in where you want to travel from/to and which day to find times.

With boat
There is a ferry to Seiland right outside of Hammerfest. The harbor is called Strømsnes Ferjekai and the harbor on Seiland is called Kjerringholmen ferjekai.
You can find times for the boat on - fill in from Strømsnes Ferjekai to Kjerringholmen Ferjekai.

With plane
The closest airport is Hammerfest airport, and it takes about 40 minutes with car and ferry from the airport to Seiland.

Seiland ExploreSeiland Explore offers accommodation and several activities and tours on Seiland. They have guided tours by foot and by boat. They also have boats for rental. The staff at Seiland Explore will help with almost everything regarding the island. You can visit them at the store in Hønsebybotn.

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