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Visit Hammerfest has teamed up with several local ambassadors! Common to our ambassadors is that they are proud citizens who know how to enjoy life here in the arctic - each in their own way. Among them we have nurses, a process operator, a photographer, entrepreneurs and a doctor! In their spare time, some of these are tough adventurers, avid salmon fishermen, dog lovers, hobby photographers, yoga enthusiasts and more. And they kindly share their best tips with you!

Turi is a nurse at the local hospital and an active hiker in her spare time. In 2021, she hiked 303 times to the mountain "Storfjellet", where a beautiful view of Hammerfest awaits at the top. It was on one of these trips in January that the sun finally announced its arrival after a long absence during the polar night. It was freezing cold, and Turi had hot water in the thermos. Then she got the idea to create this image:


Tip #1: Create a snow firework!
In freezing cold (-10C/14F or colder): Pour boiled water into a cup or thermos and throw the water into the air to create a snow firework. Throw it over your head behind you. Feel free to wear a hood in case some of the water does not evaporate.

Tip #2: "A refreshing adrenaline-pumping dip"
- Turi calls her second tip. She is referring to a december swim in Arctic seawater. Visit Hammerfest can assure you that it is "refreshing" to swim in the sea ALL YEAR, and "adrenaline-boosting" all winter, at least! Here Turi and a friend are swimming at the pebble shore which lies towards Meland.

Ingen beskrivelse er tilgjengelig.

Tip #3 Trip to the northern tip of Sørøya 
"A hike to Kjøttvikvarden and Tarhalsen on Sørøya is an experience of the rare, with its wild and beautiful nature, steep cliffs, beaches and sea gaps. And often you see hares, seals, sheep, eagles, and reindeer, and not to forget the arctic camels! " Turi writes. The photo was taken at the cliffs right by Kjøttvikvarden. 


"Dansken og Finnmarkingen" can be translated to "The Dane and the person from Finnmark" and that is what local Tor Arild and his dearest - Rie from Denmark call themselves. Tor Arild is both a coffee entrepreneur and a firefighter, while Rie is a nurse who came to Hammerfest on what she thought would be a temporary job stay. But here she fell head over heels, both for the arctic nature and for a certain "Finnmarking". Dansken og Finnmakingen are more adventurous than most people, as they both sail (in their own sailboat), climb and ski - in addition to hiking. Tor Arild also has two children who often joins them.

Tip #4: Ski trip to Eidvågtind (Mountain on the island Seiland) 
"Eidvågtind on Seiland is an easy yet great trip, really close to Hammerfest. There are several route options based on the desired length of the trip and your skills" Tor Arild reccomends. The picture below is from a spring skiing trip to Eidvågtind with a t-shirt kind of weather: 


Tip #5: climbing on Meland (Hammerfest)
- with a fantastic view and great sun conditions! In the distance you see the island Sørøya still covered in snow: 


Sonni is the municipal chief doctor, and in her spare time she is an active hiker, yoga- and golf enthusiast! She is originally from Slettelva right outside the village Kvalsund, and is very fond of her home place. Sporty as she is, Sonni is out for a walk almost daily, regardless of weather conditions. On her trips she has a good eye for great photo motives. Thanks to Sonni, pictures from Hammerfest is often to be seen at the weather forecasts on TV!

Tip #6: Ski trip to Nadjet (on the plateau: Sennalandet) 
Put on your cross-country skis and glide along the nice ski trails at the open and wide plateau, where the winter lasts a little longer than in the coastal areas. In the month of May, the "springwinter" is here, which often comes with beautiful sunshine. Remember to pack lunch and sunscreen! This photo is definitely taken in the springwinter, because then the river is not frozen.


We hoped you enjoyed these tips from three of our ambassadors! 
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